Hortinews: Growing money on sun energy

As the demand for high quality crops continue to grow and stringent measures imposed upon food products across the globe, more and more companies are coming up with innovative ways to help farmers cope with these demands. One such company is SunCulture which is the only service provider of its kind in Kenya helping farmers mint money from tapping the sun to generate enough energy to irrigate up to 40 acres of land in the most affordable way.

Forbes: Interview With SunCulture

All entrepreneurs are inherently risk-takers, but some are willing to go above and beyond for an idea they believe in. NYU Stern alumnus Samir Ibrahim and serial entrepreneur Charles Nichols, winners of the Audience Choice Award at the 2011-12 Entrepreneur’s Challenge fit this description perfectly. The two recently packed their bags and moved to Kenya, where their start-up SunCulture sells solar-powered irrigation products and agricultural services to local farmers.

New York University Alumni Spotlight of the Month – Samir Ibrahim, Co-Founder of SunCulture

When Stern alumnus, Samir Ibrahim (BS ’11), packed his bags for Kenya soon after graduation to run his start-up company SunCulture, which sells solar-powered irrigation products and agricultural services to local farmers, he was actually fulfilling a lifelong dream. “My original plan was to transition from real estate finance to infrastructure investment, and then use those skills to move into development. When my friend and co-founder Charlie Nichols approached me with the idea for SunCulture, I realized I could skip a few steps and move into development right away. It’s never too soon to start pursuing your ultimate goals.”