New solar-powered water pump poised to transform agricultural output

SunCulture’s RainMaker solar water pump system was introduced today by SunCulture. This transformative internet connected system is designed to help smallholder farmers in underserved communities improve agricultural productivity and profitability. The RainMaker provides a long- lasting, low cost solution in low rainfall.   RainMaker’s high-efficiency positive displacement pump can lift 7,000 liters of water per…

Ocean Exchange Announces Fifteen Finalists

The sixth annual Ocean Exchange, held in Savannah, Georgia, will feature fifteen worldwide solutions with the ability to generate economic growth and increase productivity while reducing the use of nature’s resources and the production of waste. The innovators will present the solutions and compete for one of two $100,000 awards
from worldwide sponsors Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL).

SunCulture Tackling Global Illiteracy

SunCulture, a 2015 Powering Agriculture Innovator, has been invited to participate in this year’s Unreasonable Institute accelerator, Project Literacy Lab. They were chosen for this honor because the tools they create help farmers earn the revenue they need to send their children to school.

This Amazing Solar Invention Could Solve World Hunger

One in nine people suffer from hunger. Could solar power be the solution we need to tackle a devastating epidemic?

Out of the entire human population, one in nine suffer from hunger. 98% of those suffering from starvation live in underdeveloped countries. Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America suffer from the most extreme malnutrition. These are among the most drought-stricken areas in the world, which puts severe limitations on growing local produce.

Insight: The Rise of Solar-Powered Irrigation

Farmers know that sunlight makes crops grow. Now, many are discovering that it is also vital for providing another key agricultural input: fresh water. Irrigation using decentralized renewable energy is witnessing rapid adoption. At the end of 2015, Bangladesh announced targets to support 1,250 solar water pumps by 2018, in a bid to reduce the $900 million spent per year for 1 million tons of diesel fuel to power its irrigation systems.

The Next Step: SunCulture: Drip Irrigation for Kenyan Farmers

The last site visit for Investors Circle in Nairobi was SunCulture, seller of solar-powered pumps and drop-irrigation systems for small farms across Kenya.

Speaking of culture, one learning on this trip about East Africa was the blended nature of the populace. Not only are there dozens of tribes within Kenya alone, but added to that are the 100+ year old history of Europeans and Indians living in the region. SunCulture founder, Samir Ibrahim, is a self-described third-generation Indian East African.

Reuters Africa: Kenyan farmers profit from the sun to water crops

“A drip system is perhaps the best way to manage your watering,” said Migwi, a 38-year-old farmer-turned-entrepreneur. “And when it’s solar-powered, it’s even better.”

That’s why she invested her savings in an irrigation kit from SunCulture, a Kenya-based startup, to help convert her quarter-acre kitchen garden in Gitaru, northwest of Nairobi, into a 4-acre (1.6 hectare) farm.