Cost effective and highly efficient

The SunCulture AgroSolar Irrigation Kit combines cost-effective solar pumping technology with a high-efficiency drip irrigation system to make it cheaper and easier for farmers to grow high quality fresh fruits and vegetables

How the AgroSolar Irrigation Kit operates

The Kit is designed to pull water from any water source (lake, river, stream, well, borehole, water harvester, etc.) using solar power. The solar panels provide the pump’s electricity directly without the need for expensive batteries or inverters. Water is pumped into a raised water storage tank during the day.

When irrigation takes place during the evening, a valve on the water tank is opened and water flows down through a filtration system and onto crop root zones via high quality irrigation tape.

Do I need an existing water source?

Yes. If your farm lacks water, please contact us and we will advise on recommended options.

Does it come with security?

The AgroSolar Irrigation Kit includes a custom-designed pole-mounted security kit for the provided solar panels. The security kit raises the solar modules 3 meters above the ground to deter theft. The submersible pump may be secured using a steel-door locking system.

Do you offer installation and training?

Yes, we offer installation and training for every kit for a small additional cost.

SunCulture’s irrigation systems are the most water and energy-efficient forms of irrigation available – enabling farmers to grow more crop with less water!

Are batteries required with the system?
No, batteries are not required. Water is stored in an elevated water storage tank and gravity is used to pump water through the irrigation system during the evening.
Does the system work on cloudy days?
Yes. As water is stored in an elevated tank, irrigation can occur even when the solar pump is not running. As less water is required for irrigation on cloudy days, the system continues to work optimally.
Can the solar panels be used to power devices other than the pump?
Any modification to the AgroSolar Irrigation Kit beyond its intended purpose is not supported by SunCulture and voids the warranty.

Revenue Comparison

ProduceRevenue per SeasonRain-fed Annual RevenueIrrigated Annual Revenue
Green capsicum600,0001,200,0002,400,000
Red capsicum800,0001,600,0003,200,000