Considering the Need

On the African continent, 60% of land is suitable for farming – that is 874 million hectares of arable land

Identifying the Opportunity

Only 6% is currently under irrigation – that’s over 2 billion acres not being irrigated

How Do We Help

We help farmers by saving them money and increasing their income.

Real annual savings

The AgroSolar Irrigation Kit can save a farmer over $10,000 per year vs. using a petrol and furrow system.

Real annual savings

A farmer using the AgroSolar Irrigation Kit can make up to $30,000 per acre per year.

SunCulture Impact

We improve smallholder farmers’ livelihoods in an environmentally sustainable manner and invest all our profits back into the business to further our mission.

US $2.7 Million

in annual farmer cost savings and increased revenues

1.9 Billion Liters

of water conserved annually

8.4 Million KGs

fresh fruits and vegetables grown annually

64,499 kWh

solar power produced annually

1000 customers

across East Africa