Current Problem

Farmers across Africa face many challenges including: unreliable rainfall, low crop yields, high energy costs, lack of access to modern farming technology and insufficient access to capital.

Kenya has 5.4 million hectares of arable land, but only 17% of this land is suitable for rainfed agriculture; leaving the remainder in need of irrigation and pumping technology. Petrol, electric, and manual treadle pumps are presently available in the market, but the effectiveness of these technologies is constrained by high input costs and labor inefficiencies.

SunCulture aspires to tackle the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world with the RainMaker2. With just the power of the sun, smallholder farmers can increase their agricultural productivity and incomes, while mitigating the effects of climate change. The revolutionary ClimateSmart™ technology enables this by using Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to analyze data from a variety of sensors and give farmers simple and accurate advice via SMS on how they can improve their practices without aggravating the environment, through excessive water usage, for example. In this case, the RainMaker2 with ClimateSmart™ meets and exceeds the SDG of availability and sustainable management of water for all. We analyze the weather and soil on our IoT platform to give guidance on how much to irrigate and monitor pump power consumption to see if the farmer could benefit from more efficient methods (e.g., drip irrigation), thus reducing the impact agriculture has on the earth’s freshwater resources while simultaneously improving yields for the farmer through precision agriculture. SunCulture’s RainMaker2 with ClimateSmart™ has the potential to transform and reorient agricultural systems to effectively support development and ensure food security in a changing climate.

RainMaker2 Best Features


Multi use system

Providing water for agriculture, household use and livestock

High specifications

Head of up to 70 meters / 230 feet; capacity of up to 3000 L / hour


Allows for flexibility and reliability through remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, SMS alerts for weather-based irrigation timing, dry run protection and performance optimization features.

Easy to install

Installed easily in under 1 hour


Suitable for many water sources (wells, boreholes, dams, lakes)


Easily be transported to the field, to pump from a river and shared amongst neighbors. Also reduces system cost, installation time, transport cost and theft risk


High capacity lithium battery bank enables reliable pumping during cloudy weather

Plug ‘n play

Designed a single size; making sale process, installation, price, distribution smoother


Powers lights, radio, phone charger and many other 12V and 24V appliances!