One in nine people suffer from hunger. Could solar power be the solution we need to tackle a devastating epidemic?

Out of the entire human population, one in nine suffer from hunger. 98% of those suffering from starvation live in underdeveloped countries. Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America suffer from the most extreme malnutrition. These are among the most drought-stricken areas in the world, which puts severe limitations on growing local produce.

We already produce enough food to feed every living human, but starvation remains a big issue for humanity. With one child dying every 10 seconds from hunger, we need to find an urgent solution to an unnecessary tragedy.

Transporting food is costly and has dramatic consequences for both human health and the environment. Producing local produce reduces the cost of the food, and it is more sustainable for the environment. But how can food be produced in areas like Kenya, where the land is parched and water is scarce?