The SunCulture AgroSolar Irrigation System

The SunCulture AgroSolar Irrigation System pulls water from any water source (lake, river, stream, well, borehole, water harvester, etc.) using solar power. The solar panels provide the pump’s power directly without the need for expensive batteries or inverters. Water is pumped into a raised water storage tank during the day. When irrigation takes place during the evening, the farmer simply opens a valve on the water tank so water flows down through a filtration system and onto crop root zones via drip irrigation tape.

  • Save up to KES 20,000 or more MONTHLY on fuel costs by using the included solar pump instead of a petrol or electric water pump.
  • Earn up to KES 1,000,000 per acre, per season by growing capsicum, tomatoes, onions, and cabbages for the market.
  • Reduce labour costs due to the simplicity of the drip system to operate.
  • Reduce fertilizer waste by adding fertilizer directly to your water tank to apply it consistently throughout the drip system
  • Produce high-quality vegetables that meet the standards of restaurants, greengrocers, and produce exporters
  • Access expert SunCulture technicians to advise, install, and provide after-sales support

Irrigation Kit includes

  • Long-life irrigation tape
  • Filtration system
  • PVC layflat pipes
  • All required connectors, fittings, and valves

Solar Pump System includes

  • DC submersible solar pump with controller and float switch
  • Solar panels
  • Security stand for solar panels (12 foot)
  • Electrical cable
  • HDPE Pipe



Harnessing the power of the sun

Starting From 159000

For capacity of 12,500L of water/day

We have solar pumps available to provide water for various farm sizes

Call us directly to find out more!

*prices dependent on distance between water source and tank


High quality, long life, water efficient

Starting From 89000

For a standard 1 Acre Kit

1/8 acre KES 24900
1/4 acre KES 34900
1/2 acre KES 54900

*prices dependent on farm layout,design and acreage


Most affordable, high plant density

Starting From 39000

For a standard 1 Acre Kit

1/8 acre KES 18900
1/4 acre KES 21900
1/2 acre KES 24900

*prices dependent on farm layout,design and acreage