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Kenya has some of the highest prices for electricity in Africa, leading many Kenyans to look at alternative energy sources to power their homes and businesses. 

One such alternative source is Solar panels, which can be used to power household electronics like TVs and fans as well as home appliances like lights and refrigerators. These Solar panels can be installed on roofs, in an open farm, or rooms with sufficient sun exposure. 

The question is, are Solar panels worth it in Kenya? Are they more cost-effective than other alternatives? 

If you are considering Solar energy in your home or farm, the following are some important considerations to help you decide whether or not it is right for you.


6 Reasons Solar Energy Will Benefit You in Kenya

1. Environmental Benefits

Although it takes considerable time to recoup your initial investment (which can run you thousands of bucks), Solar panels are very environmentally friendly. By using Solar power instead of more traditional forms of energy, you’re cutting down on your consumption of fossil fuels and conserving natural resources for future generations. 

Solar energy is also renewable, meaning that once installed, you’ll have virtually no upkeep costs—no need to purchase additional fuel or invest in higher electric bills.


2. Efficient and Reliable Power

One of the major reasons that more homeowners are turning to Solar is that it is an efficient and reliable source of power. If you feel like going green, or want some peace of mind that you will always have power when you need it most, then Solar panels may be worth checking out.

The sun is an abundant and reliable source of power. To put that into perspective, just one hour of sunlight on your rooftop can be enough to power your house for an entire day. 

Therefore, if you are looking for additional information on installing Solar panels in Kenya, make sure to reach out to professionals who can guide you through both the installation process and determine whether or not Solar would work for your situation. Though setting up new equipment can initially be costly, finding ways to reduce monthly bills with reliable sources of power can end up saving money in the long run.


3. Improved Quality of Life

Many people choose to use Solar energy as a means of lowering their utility bills, but an equally compelling reason to turn to Solar power is that it improves their quality of life. 

By installing Solar panels, you can reduce your energy bills, which will allow you to dedicate more money towards what is most important to you. In addition, by reducing your energy use (and thus carbon footprint), you are actively participating in a movement that helps protect our planet for future generations. 

Imagine what it would be like to wake up every morning with no bills, or to know that your daily expenses are going toward something that is contributing positively to our planet. With Solar energy, you can expect fewer headaches and less stress associated with paying your monthly utility bill. 

Plus, you won’t have to deal with deafening motor sounds or oil spills!


4. Long Term Savings on Energy Bills

Like many other things, Solar panels have evolved significantly over time. The price has fallen sharply, and as a result, many people now find it cost-effective to buy and install these devices. What’s more, Solar panel efficiency has also increased by a dramatic margin.

Perhaps you are looking for a more long-term investment in your home. If that is true, then you should take a look at Solar panels. When placed on your roof, these gadgets capture sunlight and convert it into electricity through clean, renewable means. 

Millions of households around the world have already used Solar energy to power their homes—and thanks to technological innovations (as well as reduced production costs), an increasing number of households are making similar investments. And according to industry experts, installing Solar panels may be among the most cost-effective methods of saving money over time.

As the research says, every third power plant unit installed in 2020 came from Solar, confirming its dominance among all newly installed power generation technologies, reaching a 39% global share.


5. You May Be Eligible For Incentives

As a bonus, many governments have begun offering tax credits and/or rebates or other financial incentives to homeowners to encourage citizens to adopt alternative energy sources like Solar power. 

The benefit of these incentives is that they can lower your costs. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to use Solar power may be able to take advantage of these tax credits or other financial incentives. Your eligibility depends on several factors including where you live, how much power you want to generate and how big a system you are installing.

Check with your local utility company or government office for specifics on available programs.


6. Suitable Sun Exposure

Kenyans are truly lucky to live in a country where we are spoiled with endless natural light. Why settle for less when we have unlimited access?

Just think about that next time you complain about high electricity costs! 


Should you invest in Solar panels in Kenya?

The advantages of Solar power, especially for developing countries like Kenya, are numerous. 

For one, Solar panels are reliable sources of electricity. They provide clean energy without emitting greenhouse gases and other pollutants that negatively affect our environment. 

Additionally, Solar power is inexpensive to set up and maintain. Once a system is set up, it can function for decades with minimal maintenance required. 

Finally, because they produce no emissions or air pollution, Solar systems tend to be more efficient than traditional power plants that rely on coal or gas. 

All things considered, when considering new forms of renewable energy, investing in Solar panels seems to make sense—in terms of cost efficiency and environmental impact alike!

At SunCulture, we provide a range of effective Solar-powered products for smallholders. Chat with our experts at +254-700-327-002 or call toll-free number 080 0721042 now to reap the best benefits!

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