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Drip Irrigation Systems

How Can Solar Water Pumps Revolutionize Agriculture?

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Globally, agriculture continues to be a prominent part of the economy. While many processes in agriculture have been mechanized, there are still some that remain dependent on manual labor, making them tedious and time-consuming. One such process is water pumping, which still relies on intensive labor for ensuring that irrigation can take place in fields.

Solar Power Irrigation System

Secret To 5X Yield Growth With SunCulture

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We believe the secret to achieving 5X growth is found in a simple equation: Innovation + Execution = Success. The world is right on its way to a global crisis. It is the need of the hour to protect our planet from deteriorating further. Thus, there is a global demand for innovative solutions to be

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The SunCulture Impact: Improving Lives of smallholder farming households with life-changing technology

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In his TEDx talk, Samir Ibrahim, CEO and co-founder of SunCulture explained that there are 1.4 billion people in the world who live in rural areas and rely on agriculture and related activities for their livelihood. He added that it is an important group of people to think about in terms of addressing the world’s

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