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Water is the essential ingredient to any crop, but in areas with an insufficient water supply, farmers are limited in what they can grow. Fortunately, irrigation solutions can help make up for this shortage and improve the lives of farmers and their families by allowing them to be self-sufficient. 

Learn how solar irrigation systems work and how you can get them installed on your farm using our helpful guide!


What is Solar Irrigation?

Solar irrigation, also known as solar-powered drip irrigation, employs the use of solar energy to assist in the process of watering crops and plants. The method uses evaporation to transport water through plastic tubing directly to the root zone of plants, thereby preventing runoff and waste while reducing the amount of water needed from the region’s water supply by up to 80% or more.


Why do Farmers Need to Use Water Efficiently?

  1. Farmers face dry spells of low rainfall in arid areas, thus, there is an acute shortage of water needed to keep their crops healthy and growing.
  2. Developing countries face high soil erosion as well as droughts that greatly limit crop yield.
  3. In developed countries, agricultural companies are forced to use groundwater resources since they have exhausted available surface waters. In desert or arid areas farmers need efficient sources of water to meet demands with limited resources. 
  4. Agricultural runoff pollution into streams and rivers harms populations in these areas with both direct poisoning through fertilizer runoff.
  5. Many communities lose up to 50% of their irrigation water before it reaches its destination due to leaks and other causes such as evaporation during transfer over long distances.
  6. Farmers need to use water more efficiently if they are to cut utility costs.
  7. Use of fossil fuels when pumping groundwater and bringing it to fields increases greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change.


Benefits of Solar-Powered Pumps

There are plenty of reasons to use solar-powered pumps. 

First and foremost, these pumps run on renewable energy, which means that they don’t put any extra load on nature. Since they are eco-friendly and not dependent on fossil fuels, you don’t have to worry about running out of power in critical situations. 

Another reason why you should go with solar-powered pumps is that they are inexpensive compared to similar pumps which run on electricity. Plus, as long as you manage your expenses wisely (by ensuring all of your equipment is functioning properly) it is not difficult to maintain them over time. 

Finally, solar-powered water pumps offer greater control over flow rates and pressure than their electric counterparts do–meaning you will be able to conserve water and only use it when necessary. This will help you avoid wasting water; it will also prevent soil erosion due to runoff since there will not be any excess pressure going through non-essential areas of your property.


Advantages Over Diesel Pumps

If you are interested in using solar pumps to irrigate your crops, you may be wondering what kind of differences they have over diesel pumps. The main benefit is cost savings. Unlike diesel, which must be shipped and stored, sunlight is free and easy to obtain. As well as being an inexpensive solution, it is also clean energy that will not pollute the local environment and waterways.

Solar pumps are silent and very efficient when compared to traditional systems. The power interruptions are virtually eliminated because there is no reliance on unreliable fuels or grid systems. Another great thing about solar power is that its use does not require a large investment upfront.

Whereas, diesel-based agriculture pump sets are problematic from multiple perspectives. For one, diesel is a nonrenewable fuel whose price tends to fluctuate significantly. In addition, because these pumps run on internal combustion engines, they’re usually less efficient than more modern power sources like solar panels and wind turbines. 

With all that in mind, there is a lot of promise in agriculture in terms of renewable energy sources.


Advantages Over Other Irrigation Methods

Solar-powered irrigation offers many advantages over other types of systems that are powered by grid electricity or diesel generators. Since they require no energy to run, they provide an affordable, sustainable way to irrigate your crops and gardens. 

Solar-powered drip systems are an efficient way to help irrigate crops since they provide water in small doses directly at plant roots. This allows crops to grow more effectively, using less water and improving yields. Even though solar drip irrigation methods use zero fossil fuels, they still cost less than traditional methods such as underground pipes or overhead sprinklers. 

For these reasons and others, many countries are adopting solar irrigation methods with great success. Besides, producing clean energy (and saving you money), solar panels help reduce emissions from conventional forms of power generation since fossil fuels are not required to power the systems. 

Finally, solar-powered irrigation is easy to install. Since it is modular, it does not require much construction work – which SunCulture’s engineers at experts at. 

If you are looking at installing traditional electric motors on your system but do not want to be reliant on outside sources of power – then maybe it is time to look into solar panels!


SunCulture – Solar Solutions for Farmers

Water is an inescapable part of farming. Farmers are intrinsically tied to the water cycle, both through their need for it and their impact on it. But as with all living things, growing food uses up a lot of water.

SunCulture understands it and provides a range of effective Solar-powered products which can help smallholder farmers utilize the scarce resource to its fullest—boost their crop yield up to 5X and income up to 10X.

We believe in tapping into the power of data, IoT and cloud-based technologies can help farmers make better decisions about using water more efficiently.

Contact our specialists today through our toll-free line: 0800 07 21042 or office line: 0701 170469.

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