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Over the last few years, Solar water pumps have become a revolutionary addition to agribusiness. A Solar water pump for farming is a powerful solution to fetch water from a well, lake, river or other water sources directly to your farm. 

They run entirely on Solar power, require minimal maintenance, reduce utility bills, and save your time and money in the long run. Additionally, they use a fraction of the power that their electric counterparts would use. These factors make them the obvious choice for many farmers in Kenya.

Choosing an effective water pump is not a straightforward task. You have to be aware of your farm requirements. Besides, it is best if you do some research and seek expert advice.

With this in mind, we have curated five-point criteria which can help you choose the perfect Solar pump for your farm.


5-point criteria for buying Solar Water Pump for your Farm

Are you tired of inconsistent water supply and relying on rain for irrigating your crops? Look for a Solar water pump with the following features to choose the right one for your field.

1. Performance

The volume of water supplied by a water pump describes its performance. For purchasing an efficient pump, ask the supplier for the volume of water pumped by it in a specific time interval and compare it with the other pumps. Also, Solar water pumps have a longer life than traditional diesel motor pumps. They have proved their efficiency and capacity to deliver results consistently and economically. A Solar water pump acts on an alternate energy source, which makes the pump strong enough to fetch water without depending on the electric grid.

2. Power

You have to keep your eyes open for “the pump wattage”. Wattage plays a vital role in getting the most out of your Solar water pump. The pumps help you to fetch water from deep wells, therefore, look for a pump with high power or wattage. Besides, Solar-powered pumps allow farmers to save energy costs and generate power at their farms.

3. Head Size

The pump’s ability to gather energy by 1 litre of water within the input and output segments represents the head. SunCulture supplies Solar pumps with a maximum head of 100 feet, assuring you of efficient and heavy-duty performance of delivering water to crops.

4. Water-Flow Rate

A Solar water pump’s flow rate is the volume of water dispensed by it in a specific time interval. Flow rate is a crucial factor to consider when deciding on a pump. It counts for the proportion between power supplied and power absorbed by the water pump. Choose the pump with the flow rate not too high or too low.

5. Speed

The number of revolutions by the pump in a given time interval measured the speed of the Solar water pump. If you are buying a pump, its speed is something you must inquire about. Solar water pumps for farming have a high pumping speed and provide an efficient and inexpensive source of irrigation for agriculture.


SunCulture Solar Water Pumps

There are a variety of Solar water pumps available in the market. The quality of the Solar water pump depends on the grade of raw materials used for its manufacturing.

SunCulture provides you with the right Solar water pump, which offers you flexibility and cost-effectiveness, along with durability, easy installation and maintenance in the long run. 

Today, Kenyan farmers rely profoundly on automated water supply systems to harness the power of an uninterrupted water supply for bringing their crops to life and caring for livestock.

Do you also want to invest in a Solar pump for your farm? Call us at our toll-free number 080 0721042 or WhatsApp us at +254-700-327-002 for more details. 

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