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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Solar System? - SunCulture
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  • By: Sid SunCulture
  • On:June 7, 2022
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People have already installed Solar panels in their houses, buildings, and even farms. Yet many individuals who have switched to alternative power have been concerned about how to maximize their Solar panels’ efficiency.

If you have Solar panels installed in your home, you are already a step ahead in making an effort to cut back on your electricity bill. In addition, you are protecting the environment in one fell swoop.

That being said, the answer to the question is pretty simple – it’s just a matter of using the energy wisely. There are many ways to put your system to good use, and not just for lighting the bulb at your home.

Follow these tips to make the most out of your Solar system and ensure that you have reliable, cost-effective power for years to come.

5 Tips To Maximize Your Solar Usage

Use the sun for free with these neat tips!

1.Choose the Right Solar Panel System

Choosing the right Solar panel system is a decision that will stick with you for the long term. It’s not just about how much the Solar panel system costs, but also how much it will save you in energy costs over time.

That’s why it’s essential to choose the right system from the get-go that matches your energy needs and budget.

Consider how much power you use in a day and how much sun shines on your roof. If you want to make sure you get good value from your Solar panel installation, do your research, explore options, and ask about warranties and maintenance plans before purchasing the product. Also, evaluate whether it makes sense to buy Solar panels in cash or instalments.

2. Have Enough Storage Capacity & Use Practically

Many Solar panel owners run into trouble because they underestimate how much power they will need or overestimate their ability to use what they have got. Check your usage habits, and plan accordingly. 

For example, if you have a farm to nurture or intend to rely on backup energy during bad weather, you may want to install a larger system suitable to your requirements. 

Most people do not realize, but the size of your battery bank has a direct relationship with how much Solar power you can store in your battery bank.

Now that you have installed your Solar panels, it is time for you to start using them as much as possible. This means being conscious of your energy usage and being strategic about when you use electronic appliances.

3. Get a Suitable Inverter

An inverter is a device that turns direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. Inverters are only necessary if you want to run your Solar system at night or when there is no sun. 

If you want to use your panels at night, choosing an inverter with a high peak power rating (measured in watts) is necessary. It will ensure that your household appliances do not trip circuit breakers when they are on. 

The higher your peak power rating, the more devices you can plug in and still avoid tripping circuits. For example, our 444Wh ClimateSmart™ solar battery is good for most homes with small appliance loads like phone chargers, light bulbs, mini-refrigerators, and others.

4. Maximize Your Use During The Day

Solar is a great investment, but the key to getting the most out of your Solar system is making sure your daily habits align with how it works. To maximize your Solar savings, use appliances and lights when the sun is shining so you can run them on Solar rather than from the grid or storage battery.

5. Connect With Experts Regularly

Many people living in remote areas only have minimal access to Solar technology. But if you are starting a Solar-energy farm, that does not mean you cannot get help. 

Connect with experts regularly to learn new tips and tricks on how to improve your system. You may even find that having multiple systems throughout your property can make all the difference in production and efficiency.

And don’t forget: If you need help installing or understanding your system, call us at our toll-free number 080 0721042

Team SunCulture will help you make the most out of your Solar system, whether new or well-established, with our FREE aftersales support.

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