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Come Partner with Us

SunCulture strives to solve the biggest daily challenges of smallholder farmers. By leveraging the power of solar technology SunCulture is able to provide its customers with reliable access to water, irrigation, lighting, and mobile charging from our powerful ClimateSmart Battery system. 

Does your company/organization strive to have a positive impact on society? We are inviting you to join the SunCulture family as a partner and earn benefits whilst helping farmers upgrade their households and pushing Kenya and other countries towards a brighter future. You can join the SunCulture Family in any of these 3 ways:


This category is for water pump and irrigation product distributors, solar home system companies, non-affiliated solar product distributors, affiliated solar product distributors, and distributors of complementary products such as agriculture services and inputs


This category is for demand aggregators/enablers (e.g. off-takers, donors, non-governmental organizations, produce co-operatives, and governments), affiliate and referral agents. Finance institutions (microfinance institutions, commercial banks, savings and credit cooperatives and insurance providers) can also apply under this category.


This category is for those who want to set up a SunCulture dealership.

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