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Joseph Njoroge says, “It has been a game-changer for me.”

Joseph Njoroge is a full-time farmer who lives with his wife in his 3.2-acre farm in Matanya — Nanyuki (Laikipia County). He practised rainfed agriculture on 2 acres and planted maize, beans, potatoes and kale.

He has a hand-dug well and also has access to a nearby river. He used to draw water from the well manually and used a petrol engine pump to get water from the river.

But with the intervention from SunCulture, his farming techniques and health improved.

Substitute for Traditional Farming Techniques

The introduction of solar irrigation pumps in the African agricultural ecosystem has created a major paradigm shift from centuries-old manual pumping methods to modern, electrical irrigation systems.

Smallholder farmers, who are mostly illiterate or semi-literate and unskilled in using electronic products, have adapted to using the new technology. They prefer it because it is simple, runs quietly, does not emit smoke, and has provided them with a real opportunity for increased farm production. However, emerging challenges like maintenance, after-sales service, and poor connectivity with the electricity grid prevent farmers from taking full advantage of their newly acquired irrigation technology.

These factors contribute to low and unstable yields and in turn, affect the farmers’ livelihoods.

As a solution,

SunCulture has introduced high-value agriculture supporting products to enhance crop productivity. The smallholders can improve their crop yields by 2X-5X and increase their net profits with access to solar-powered sustainable ways to support farming.

Impact on Joseph Njoroge

  • Improved Farming

Mr Njoroge bought SunCulture RainMaker2 with ClimateSmart Battery pump & TV on Pay-As-You-Grow terms. He was quite satisfied with the life-changing technology and reaped its benefits.

He has increased his farming to the entire 3 acres and has transitioned to high-value crops. Now he grows french beans and peas which have higher returns.

The farming improvements allowed Mr Njoroge to keep livestock as well. He has one cow, a calf and a sheep. The cow provides him with 8 litres of milk even during the dry season. Besides, he is also selling water to his neighbours at a small fee.

  • Improved Health

“I no longer have back pains from fetching the water manually from the well,” says Mr Njoroge. They use the water fetched by RainMaker2 with ClimateSmart Battery pump for their home as well. His wife is happy that there is enough water in the house to do household chores. “I watch my favourite TV show and also the Shamba Shape Up shows are very educative”, he quips.

The idea for solar water pumping systems was one such idea, but it changed — and will continue to change – the landscape for smallholder farmers globally. At least that is what SunCulture aims for the smallholder farmers in South Africa.

If you are interested in incorporating the game-changing technology for your farm, you can call our number +254 700 327 002 for any query. We will take you through our solar-powered solutions.

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