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We are often asked two questions about our Solar Drip Irrigation (SDI) systems: first, “How much water does it save?” and immediately after, “Is it worth the cost?” These are excellent questions and deserve more than a short answer. 

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient farming technologies, and its benefits increase when the system is backed with Solar energy. Apart from the fact that Solar-powered drip irrigation systems are very cost-effective, they also allow you to save water – something necessary in Kenya, the drought-prone part of the world.

Let us understand drip irrigation and how it can help smallholder farmers to save water and money.


What is Drip Irrigation?

Water for agricultural purposes constitutes a major share of the overall water requirements. It is crucial for the prosperity and sustenance of the human population across the globe. Therefore, it is crucial to implement sustainable methods which can be healthy for the earth and easy for the farmers.

One of these methods is Drip Irrigation. It is a type of micro-irrigation system, which supplies drops of water with little pressure directly to the crops.

Are you wondering how it works?

Primarily, it involves using a drip line or tube to deliver water directly from a neighbourhood water source to the crops. The drip lines are spread under or above the soil to target the root zone of the crops.

But how does something as conventional as drip irrigation work with present-day technology?

Drip irrigation systems today can be powered with Solar energy, resulting in an advanced version of the product – the Solar Drip Irrigation System.

Solar Drip Irrigation System is an energy-efficient and environment-friendly method of watering plants and crops. The system uses a Solar panel to power the water pump, which further facilitates drip lines with a consistent water supply. The soil retains the required moisture quantity for a long time, resulting in 20% to 50% faster crop growth.


Why Use Solar Drip Irrigation for Farming?

Solar drip irrigation is an efficient faring solution because it is eco-friendly, requires minimal effort, installs easily, and saves time and money on energy. It means you can save your money and take a step in overcoming the scarcity of water at the same time.

1. Least manual interference –

The Solar-powered drip irrigation method is an automatic system. You can regulate water usage with a control dripper and prevent your farmland from over-irrigation. This intelligent system makes sure the crops are irrigated instantly when the moisture level of soil falls.

2. Good water management –

Water is a precious resource. With Kenya having water usage limitations, it is crucial to make the most of this scantily available resource. Solar irrigation comes with no water overflow and little evapotranspiration, which maintains the restrained use of water.

3. No pollution – 

Solar energy does not create pollution in any form. It is an environment-friendly, renewable and green energy source that produces zero toxic waste.

4. Reduced weed growth –

Weeds can grow anywhere in flourishing farms. They soak up the nutrients and hinder the growth of the crops. Solar drip irrigation ensures the soil remains damp in specific areas and that the entire farm is not flooded at any single moment. It prevents the growth of weeds.

5. Save costs and increase profits –

If you install a solar drip irrigation system, you will witness a reduction in your utility bills as you will be generating electricity for yourself through Solar energy and will have instant access to as much water as you need each day. Besides, your income will eventually increase with the increase in the production and harvest of your crops.


SunCulture Solar Irrigation Kits

Most people assume Solar drip irrigation systems are only for large farms and industrial-sized operations. But you will be surprised to learn that you can reap multiple benefits from Solar drip irrigation on your small farm and residence, too! 

Are you interested in exploring more about how Solar-powered irrigation can support your farming?

Call +254 700 327 002 or +254 711 082 066 to know more about Solar-powered irrigation kits and their benefits for your farm.

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