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The following Terms and Conditions are applicable to SunCulture Smartphone. Please carefully read the below Terms and Conditions, in addition to the explanation given by our sales agent. Your use of the SunCulture Smartphone product constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Please contact SunCulture Customer Services if you have any questions about their interpretation or meaning.

“Account” means the SunCulture customer account used for purposes of receiving payment of the Customer’s Deposit and Installments.
“Agreement” means the Customer Agreement via a phone call and the subsequent making of an advance payment and agreeing to the terms and conditions of purchase of a SunCulture Smartphone product and to these Terms and Conditions.

Continuous Payment and Repossession
The Customer agrees to pay the deposit and installments until they have paid the Total Purchase Price within the Maximum Payment Period as set out in the Customer’s payment plan.

If the customer fails to keep current on their installment payments, SunCulture may deactivate the customer’s product until the customer becomes current again in their installment payments.

Intended Use Only
All Products shall be used solely in accordance with the instructions provided in the Product instruction manuals and must be maintained in proper working condition.

Product Alteration
The Customer MUST NOT tamper (including but not limited to altering or removing the Product serial number or other Product identification marks), open or modify and/or use the Product(s) in any other way not authorized by SunCulture or aid any third party to do the same.

Contact information and Personal Information
The Customer must ensure that all contact information provided to SunCulture is complete and accurate in order to allow SunCulture to contact the Customer or the Alternative Contact Person during reasonable hours regarding the Customer’s SunCulture account. The Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of such information. The Customer agrees to inform SunCulture of any changes to the contact information during the term of the Agreement.

Customer Data
By accepting these Terms, the Customer hereby consents to and authorizes SunCulture to capture, store, analyze and use their data for processing requests, administrating this agreement, informing on amendments to this agreement, informing them of new products and services, research and promotional activities.

Consent to SunCulture to report and verify my credit status and phone records
By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Customer hereby consents to and authorizes SunCulture to report and verify the Customer’s credit history, credentials and/or phone records (including mobile money history) with any registered credit reference bureau, mobile service provider and/or such other database. The Customer also agrees to bring to SunCulture attention any inaccuracies in the credit information reported to a credit reference bureau for review before taking any action against SunCulture for inaccurate reporting.

Title of goods
Ownership and title in the Product(s) shall vest in the Customer. Further, all risk of loss or damage to the Product for any reason whatsoever shall pass to the Customer upon Agreement to these Terms and Conditions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, SunCulture retains ownership of any and all intellectual property that is used to run the Product, in both cases even after the Total Purchase Price is paid. The customer can request removal of the Device Manager app and any other restrictions upon full payment of the product price.

Inspection by SunCulture
The Customer grants to SunCulture, its employees or agents all reasonable facilities and opportunity for the inspection of the Product including but not limited to with respect to any unauthorized uses of the Product.

The device is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months, and does not cover breakage or fault caused by aggressive usage or handling. The Warranty is valid only if the Product is used as instructed and is not tampered, opened, modified and/or used in other ways not authorized by SunCulture or the manufacturer.”

SunCulture Agrees To

Activating the Phone
SunCulture will ensure the product is activated once the Advance Payment is received and the customer has requested for activation, thereafter, whenever Customer’s SunCulture Account is up to date with the payment plan. SunCulture reserves the right to offer a customer a discount or any other preferential terms at its discretion.

End Billing when Total Purchase Price is paid
SunCulture will complete billing for the Device and end further Installment requirements once the Total Purchase Price is paid. SunCulture retains ongoing ownership of the Device Manager (only) and reserves the right to remove it remotely from the Product once the Total Purchase Price is paid.

No Refund of the Installment Payments
Under no circumstances shall SunCulture provide a refund for Products once the Customer has received and activated them.

Protect Data
SunCulture agrees to protect Customer’s data and Personal Information in accordance with the prevailing data protection and consumer protection laws unless required to disclose such information by law or in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

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