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Why Should Kenyans Go Solar?
  • By: Sid SunCulture
  • On:May 26, 2022
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Kenya is a land dominated by the sun. It is both good and bad news. Good because the sun offers endless hours of energy if you know how to harness it. Bad news because we have not fully utilized these abundant resources. We are talking about the sun and its power! It is no secret that the Solar industry is growing and changing, with massive technological strides and resilient investment waves. These days, it is not just the eco-conscious who are turning to Solar—it is also gaining popularity among those who want to save money on their utility bills without sacrificing power quality or reliability. Recent developments in Solar usage have shown a promising future for the increased use of renewable energy sources in Kenya. The best part? Solar can reduce your utility costs by 50% and more! Are you ready to learn more about going Solar in Kenya? Read on!

1. Reliability

In Kenya, 63.8% of the population does not have an electricity connection (World Bank, 2018). The household energy is running on firewood, kerosene, and candles. It is due to a lack of alternatives and investments to provide affordable and reliable electricity. Inefficient, expensive diesel generators are also used by households in rural areas as they have no choice due to the unavailability or high costs of electricity from the grid. Solution? Go Solar. Solar power systems have no moving parts and can last up to 20 years. It makes them more reliable than other power generation systems such as diesel generators which require constant maintenance.

2. Affordability

Solar systems have zero running costs. Solar panels generate free electricity from the sun once paid for, unlike generators which require fuel to run and incur a running cost. Installing a Solar system is now affordable for most Kenyans thanks to lower prices from manufacturers and readily available financing options. Solar panels mean you are no longer at the mercy of utility companies that can raise their rates anytime. It can help you save time and money with the rising cost of electricity.

3. Maintenance

Unlike conventional power sources, Solar requires little or no maintenance. This possibility makes it a valuable investment for homeowners and businesses that want to reduce their monthly costs and also for off-grid customers, who want to avoid dealing with a traditional utility company altogether. With minimal maintenance required, you can enjoy the benefits of Solar power immediately after installation.

4. Sustainability

With fossil fuels becoming increasingly rare and expensive, people are turning to renewable resources like Solar power to generate electricity for their citizens. The latest Solar panels are more efficient than ever before at capturing light from the sun, which means that even small arrays can generate enough electricity.

5. Clean Energy Source

Solar power does not emit greenhouse gasses or create air pollution when producing electricity. Fossil fuel sources release harmful pollutants that contribute to climate change. It makes Solar particularly attractive for areas that suffer from high levels of air pollution caused by coal power plants or other industrial facilities.

Solar For Farming in Kenya

Solar power is not just for the West anymore. What once was a luxury is now an accessible and affordable option for many people in Kenya and is becoming an increasingly popular choice. As an emerging market, Kenya requires reliable energy sources. The country’s economy is also largely dependent on agriculture, making it even more necessary for farmers to access reliable power sources. Solar energy provides a source of power that is reliable, flexible, and economical – especially when you use it to run the pumps and equipment on your farm. It means that you can get more from every acre of land – and turn an enormous profit at the market. Kenya has all the ingredients required to be a Solar energy powerhouse. Besides, it has seen positive growth over the past few years.

Go Solar with SunCulture

The developing world needs abundant clean energy sources, which you can achieve through Solar energy.  Solar panels are durable, easy to maintain, and can produce electricity for decades, which is why they are ideal for homes and large businesses in Kenya that need dependable power. If you are a smallholder farmer buying your first Solar system for your farm and home in Kenya, looking to benefit from savings while making a difference—SunCulture is an easy, one-of-a-kind option. We have brought together direct ownership and financing for everyone. Join SunCulture on its mission to make a difference in the lives of smallholder farmers!
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